Mauve fast and break things

That’s the dumb name I came up with to incentivise me to write more. How, you may ask? Well, I must break the perfectionism wall (again) and just write. Write about what? That’s what the name is all about. On paper, my “day job” is predominantly writing specifications, tickets and code. But there’s a whole lot more than that to talk about.

With a scattered past of design, video and product-building experiences I hope to share some insight into just building and creating things. Not one specific area of this and not a high-level glossing over of the details. Given the opportunities, I will dive into copywriting, colour theory, code optimisations, creativity vs criteria, culture and capitalism.

So, please join me on this journey, maybe we’ll both learn something!

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Technology, creativity, culture and how they facilitate each other.


Multidisciplinary maker.